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About Us

Our Story:
Ether Link is a name of internet service from the beginning age of digitisation in Bangladesh. To introduce the advance of world information with rural and growing up cities was a difficult period. Expensive service was also obstruction to make service easier and available. But we didn’t stop at all. We want to grouts awareness and announce the facility of today.

Today was a part of dream of Ether Link in the beginning. You are in touch of our information so faster and can communicate just now. A strong management, business policy, customer support, use new technology etc take essential part of today’s modern life and our business Ether Link.

Mission & Vision

Ether Link is set out to do the things our customers want in an Internet service providing company. Which is to provide the most reliable service, coupled with the most sophisticated and modern equipment available. We envision a world with ease of access and with hassle free service.

We are striving to be an exceptional citizen in the virtual frontier.

We have three guiding principles:
1. Keep It Simple! There’s no reason why individuals who wish to be involved in the Internet, need to have sophisticated technical knowledge and the ability to write and understand HTML protocol.
2. Provide the best technology available! Those who know technology or need the most from it will be suitably impressed with our high-tech equipment. If it’s current, we have it; if it’s new, we’ll be one of the first to get it!
3. Make it affordable! Ether Link programs are almost always one third to one half the cost of comparable services. This supports our mission of creating greater access to a greater number of people.


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